In short, no. There are many different variants of types of dentures that you can have. Depending on your situation with your teeth, the type of denture that you will need can vary from patient to patient (for example, partial to full dentures).

The other factor that can change in your denture is what material it is made out of (e.g. cobalt chrome or acrylic). Both types of dentures have advantages and disadvantages, and at the free consultation we can examine what your most suitable options will be.

Partial Dentures

These are types of dentures that will only partially replace missing teeth. So if you have some of your natural teeth remaining, then this could be an ideal treatment for you. Depending on the locations and strength of these natural teeth, the ways these dentures are secured in place will also vary (e.g precision attachments, dental implants).

Complete Dentures

These dentures are used for full arch replacements. They are removable dentures that are held in place by sitting on top of the gum/bone ridges. The more precise and close a fit, the better they will stay in place and be more functional for you. If you are looking for a more stabilised and secure option, we also work closely with dentist who can place dental implants which will anchor the denture in place (known as an Overdenture).

We do offer a wide range of treatments for replacing missing teeth with dentures, and in the first instance we are happy to offer free consultations to go over your options.