Dentures can be made out of a number of different materials. At our clinic we always aim to use high quality materials that offers a wide range of benefits to the patient. With excellent and careful care your dentures can last a very long time. It is important to understand that over time your mouth can change (due to bone loss) which does mean that the once well fitted denture is not quite perfect. This can be simply rectified through a denture reline where we will alter the base of the denture to fit your mouth again.

If you regularly maintain and take care of your dentures (as you would your natural teeth) then you can ensure they last longer for you. They are very delicate so you need to ensure when you are cleaning them that you do not accidentally drop them as this can cause cracks and breakages. We also recommend a yearly denture check where we can look over your denture to ensure there are no problems and we can also give it a professional clean.

If your denture is very old and starting to feel and look very old, we can also discuss options at replacing the denture. We offer free consultations so we can assess what you currently have and where you are trying to achieve. We will always try and salvage your current denture, but we will give you honest advice if it is in your best interest to replace it. Our clinical dental technicians are able to offer full and partial dentures using acrylic and chrome cobalt materials.

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