The two main common types of materials that can be used in making dentures is acrylic and metal. Metal dentures are stronger as they are made out of a stronger material but one main disadvantage associated with these dentures is the fact that if they do need alterations or repairs, it might not always be possible.

Acrylic dentures are easier to repair and if the break is straight down the middle in two parts, then this can even be repaired while you wait!

If you are unsure whether or not your denture can be repaired, call us today and we will be able to give you advice. It is important in all instances that you collect all the parts of the denture and you keep them moist to stop any further damage.

If your dentures are not in a repairable state, we will be able to discuss suitable alternatives with you. It is important to ensure that at all times you take care with your dentures to avoid any damage. We find dentures are most commonly damaged during the cleaning of them as they can slip out of your hands into the hard sink. When washing we would advise a towel is put inside the basin to act as a buffer in case they are dropped.

If your dentures are in tact but they don’t feel as comfortable or well fitting any more, this will be down to the lining of the denture. As time goes past it is common for our mouths to change so dentures will require relining again to make them a precise fit again.

If you need a denture repair urgently, call us now.