If you have lost all of your teeth, you will be in the market for complete dentures to replace your missing teeth. They will effectively be a full set of teeth that fit in your mouth, enabling you to smile, talk and eat as if they were your own natural teeth.

As you won’t have any natural teeth remaining, there are only a couple of options available in terms of how you stabilise your dentures. If you had partial dentures, you can use your remaining teeth (alongside precision attachments) to help offer some stability.

In cases when your looking at a full set of teeth replacement, the two main options you will have will be if its just a denture on its own, or if you want the denture to be implant retained. If you decide to go down the implant route, we work with local dentists who can place the implants and we fit the denture on top.

If you don’t want to have implants, a custom made full denture to your exact specifications is what you can also have. It is important to understand that the more precise and closer fitting denture you have, the more comfortable and functional it will be. Our mouths are different shapes and sizes. There is no one denture in the world that will work for everyone. Each mouth needs to be treated and planned individually. We will take our time to take careful measurements to ensure the final result will leave you smiling.

All of our dentures are custom made to fit the patient we see.

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