Accidents can happen and if your denture is broken, you will be wanting a quick turnaround. If the dentures have snapped into two pieces (that connect well) this can be turned around while you wait (1-2 hours). If the denture has broken into many little pieces, it will not be repairable and we will need to explore the route of a new denture for you.

Acrylic dentures are easier to repair than chrome dentures. Depending on the type of break, repairs are not always guaranteed.

At our clinic in Hall Green, Birmingham, we do offer a quick emergency turnaround service. If you have broken your denture, call us today and book yourself an emergency appointments.

Do’s and Dont’s


Keep your denture moist and don’t let it dry out. If the denture drys out, more damage can occur.


Under no circumstance try and glue the denture back together. The glue can strip the adhesive off the denture and can badly damage them beyond repair. In a broken denture situation, it is always advisable to phone us for advice and book yourself an appointment to see a professional. Dentures are not cheap and its always in your best interest to ensure your current denture is well looked after.

New Dentures

In the event that you do need a new denture, we are happy to offer a free consultation where we will examine your current situation and see what options are best for you. If you have some of your natural teeth left, we will need a prescription from a dentist to say they are clinically sound before looking at your denture options (before denture treatment can be commenced, any fillings and remedial work would need to be carried out by your dentist).

Call us today to book your free consultation.