We custom make our Partial dentures to partially replace sets of your missing teeth. You may need this in the event that some of your teeth had to be extracted by a dentist as they had poor prognosis and they were failing, or you had suffered from trauma which had resulted in tooth loss.

Partial dentures are made to fit alongside your remaining teeth and can also be stabilised by your remaining teeth through the use of precision attachments. If you are after a more secure and permanent solution, you can do down the route of implant retained dentures.

When you have decided that a partial denture is the right treatment for you, the process of getting it custom made and ready for you is usually done over a couple of weeks and about 5 visits.

The first step is take primary impressions of your mouth which will be used to make a special tray that fits your mouth. This special is then used to take secondary impressions which will be much more accurate due to this tray. The next stage is for a try in. We will have made a mock up of your new dentures for you to try in and further refinements will be made.

The final phase of getting partial dentures will be the fit. This is when you will be able to leave our clinic with your new dentures. It is quite common that a reline or further adjustments may be required after the fit, to ensure that they snugly fit your mouth. As everyone’s mouth is different, getting a perfect fitting denture is a precise art where we need to carefully take measurements and adjust accordingly.

When it comes to the end of the treatment we will make sure you have been happy with the treatment. To find out more information, please do not hesitate to book your free consultation today.