If you have been told that your teeth are failing, you may require to have them extracted by your dentist. In some circumstances, it is possible to have a denture immediately fitted after the extractions. This is so you are not left with any gaps and are able regain your functionality immediately. The immediate denture can also act like a bandage and help the sites of the extraction heal quicker.

Because the denture needs to be made before the teeth are extracted, impressions of your mouth will need to be taken before hand. We then simulate in the lab the extractions so your immediate denture will fit your mouth. This is not a 100% accurate process as the actual extractions can vary. We will aim to get it as close to the real thing but it is very difficult to predict how the procedure will go.

It is expected that alterations may be needed once the denture is fitted to ensure it is a snug, comfortable and functional fit. After the initial extractions there will be a healing period where your mouth recovers. It is then again to be expected that the denture will need to be adjusted. This is because after the healing period the mouth will have changed and the denture may again not be 100% correct. The base can be relined to fit your new measurements.

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