If you have lost your teeth or you have been diagnosed with having to have your teeth out, you may be thinking what suitable options are available for you.

At our clinic we are able to make custom made dentures to fit your mouths. By custom making them for you, they will be close fitting and comfortable. When making dentures it is important that they are carefully and precisely made for your mouth, as any centimetre out can mean they are not as comfortable or functional.

Like all treatments on offer, not everyone will get on or be suitable for dentures. This is because the feeling of an object such as a denture sitting in the mouth can cause uneasy feelings in some patients and they just simply can’t get on.

For cases like this, we are able to do a mock up denture for a trial to see how the patient would be able to get on if they did decide dentures were for them. This is a cost effective way for the patient to see if they can get on with denture without having to invest in them first. There is a charge for the trial mock up, but it is a fraction of the price than if it was the dentures.

If dentures are not right for you, then implant retained dentures could be for you. These are a fixed option that are anchored in place by dental implants. The implants are placed by a dentist and we would make the denture to fit on top.

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