Do your dentures feel loose? Are your gums sore? Have you noticed it is affecting your daily life with tasks such as eating and talking.

If you answer yes to all of the above questions, your dentures may be failing and you may require a new set. It is common to expect over a period of time for your dentures to suffer wear and tear. It is natural to expect that over a period of time they may not be in as good as a condition as they were when you first had them, as they are either made out of a plastic acrylic or cobalt metal material, which can naturally be affected over time. How fast they degrade or change can be influenced by how you look after them and if you regularly clean them as well (false teeth also need regular cleaning!).

The other thing that can happen over a period of time is your mouth changes. When you have lost teeth it is also natural for you yo lose bone density and for the gums and bone in the mouth to change shape. Due to this, your once well fitted denture may start to have problems and could require a denture reline. This is when the base of the denture is taken and relined to your mouth, making it comfortable and well fitting again.

Having a denture is all about how close, precise and custom made the denture is to your mouth. So any changes in your mouth could drastically change how your denture acts in your mouth.

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