When you think of dentures it is very common to associate them with the older generation. When it comes to tooth replacement options, there isn’t any age limit.

We often associate dentures with older people as its a natural part of life that as we age we can lose teeth. How fast we lose teeth will vary from person to person, and can be dictated by our lifestyles e.g. smoking etc.

However, as young adults we can suffer from trauma which results in tooth loss. Also, periodontal disease can effect us at any age and can be the result from poor oral hygiene (not regular brushing and flossing). Advanced periodontal disease, known as gum disease, can result in extensive tooth loss.

If you are in need of a suitable tooth replacement option, we offer free consultations to discuss with your your options. The first step will be to asses what treatment options are available for you. Once you are happy with the proposed treatment we will then move on to the first stage of new dentures.

We will take impressions of your mouth. These will be used to start the process off for making your dentures. In total there will be about 5 appointments required over a couple of weeks to make your new dentures.

Your dentures will be custom made to your mouth. When it comes to dentures, the closer and more precise fit of the dentures, they will be more comfortable and functional.

To find out more information and start your journey towards dentures, please call us and book your free consultation today.