If your dentures are starting to feel uncomfortable or even hurt, it may be that they require a denture reline.

A reline is when the base of the denture is relined to fit your mouth again. It is natural to expect over time that your denture may start to feel loose. This is because of bone resorption. This happens when you have lost your natural teeth. The bodies natural response is for the bone to deteoriate and shrink away, causing the mouth to change shape.

How fast this affects you will vary from person to person. To get a comfortable denture, the closer fitter and more precise they are, they will be a better solution for you. Dentures are very much a personal and custom experience as there isn’t any size fits all option. Our mouths are very much different to the next person. This is why we need to take careful impressions of the mouth to ensure the end result is a comfortable and functional denture.

During the making of the denture it is expected that there will be adjustments and refinements along the way to ensure a comfortable fit. There are a few stages to ensure you get the ideal denture for you. These are usually completed over 5 appointments, over a 2 week period. For faster turnarounds there are options such as immediate dentures.

If you do need a reline, do not hesitate to call us today and book your appointment. Or if you need a new denture altogether, do not hesitate to book your free consultation today.