When you have lost your teeth or may even be in the process of loosing your teeth, you will want to know what suitable options are available for you.

In the first instance, we are happy to offer a free consultation to assess the possibility of dentures. If you do have some of your remaining teeth left, we will need to work off a prescription from a dentist, as they will need to check over the health of your remaining teeth. If you have no natural teeth left, we are able to see you direct.

We are a team of dental technicians and clinical dental technicians that custom make dentures. The first step will be to identify what your current situation is and what you are trying to achieve. Every patient we see is different and there will never be a one size fits all approach that will work. We will always see you as an individual with individual needs.

We will take our time to understand your case and identify the best solution for you. We use high quality materials in our dentures to ensure you get the very best end result.

From start to finish you could be looking at around 5 appointments over a couple of weeks. For more complex cases it can take longer, but we will always inform you of each step we take and ensure you are happy with the way the treatment is progressing.

The initial consultation will be carried out by the technician who will also make you the denture. They will see you at every point of the journey for continuity and will ensure that you leave our clinic with a smile.

To start your journey, call us now and book your free consultation today.