Dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth. Modern day techniques allow for better fabrication of replacement teeth with better materials, allowing for much better final results.

All of our dentures are always custom made to fit you specifically. Our mouths are very different from one another. Getting new teeth is a very personal experience and there will not be a one fit all approach. Natural dentures are made to fit on top of the gum and bone ridges and is held in place by the suction created between gum and denture – the close and more precise the fit, the better suction created and the more stable and comfortable the denture will be.

If you are looking for the gold standard in securing your dentures in place, this would be through the use of dental implants. Implants are place by a trained dentist who would asses if you are a suitable patient. If you are, they would surgically place the implants into your bone. We would then make the denture to be secured on top (known as the overdenture).

This denture will then be held in place by the titanium screws which will act similarly to what your natural tooth roots used to do. We work closely with the implant dentist to ensure the process from start to finish is as smooth as possible.

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