When you first get your dentures it is important to understand how to look after them. Just like your natural teeth, your false replacement teeth will need the same level and care with your oral hygiene routine to ensure there longevity.

With natural teeth we need to brush at least twice a day. The same principle goes with dentures. The main difference being the fact that you can take them out to be cleaned.

Dentures are very delicate and you need to clean them with precaution. What this means is, place a soft towel into the basin so if the dentures are accidentally dropped, they have a soft landing rather than a solid basin.

Dentures can easily slip out of hands so this is a really important step. Unlike natural teeth, you will be able to take the false teeth out of you mouth. This does make it extremely easy to reach the bits on your teeth that would otherwise be hard if they were in your mouth.

The main aim of the cleaning process is to ensure there isn’t a big build up of plaque and bacteria, as this can damage the dentures and ultimately lead you needing a new set.

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