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Sore Mouths and Dentures

Comfort is an important feature, and this is especially true when we are talking about our mouths. If you are suffering from mouth sores and are getting constant irritations, it may mean that your denture is not quite up to the job, or might even require an adjustment.

Just like shoes, if a denture doesn’t quite fit, they can rub and cause these irritations. The main difference when it comes to false teeth is that over time, our mouths can change (due to bone loss caused by missing teeth) which means that once well fitted dentures may start to be uncomfortable.

In circumstances like these, a denture reline may be possible. A reline is an adjustment that can be made to ensure a precise and comfortable fit again. When it comes to dentures, it is very important that they are carefully made to match your exact requirements. Each millimeter is crucial and can mean the difference between comfort and not quite right.

We work with our patients to ensure that they leave with the right options for them. We offer free consultations so we can discuss the whole treatment process and ensure that you are able to make an informed decision.

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