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Its Christmas! Oh No, I Have Dentures

Its that time of year again. The festivities have begun! What this means is, lots of social gatherings, eating, drinking and talking.

It sounds great! Except, it could also mean a lot of potentially embarrassing situations. If you have a particularly loose denture it can quite often go rogue and fall out of your mouth while eating. Its quite common and sad to see how many patients have experienced this and as a result have stopped attending social events or even eating in restaurants.

A loose denture is nothing to worry about, this could be easily solved. If its possible, a denture reline can be done to make the bottom of the denture relined to your mouth. This is not always possible but we will discuss every option available to you to make sure your happy with the way the treatment is progressing.

If it is not possible you may require a full new denture. There is no obligations when you attend for a free consultation and we will always give you our professional opinions.

Another option you may want to consider would be a more permanent solution that utilises dental implants. Implants are placed by dentists, but we work local dentists to ensure the denture that fitted on top is of high quality and comfortable for you. One of the main benefits often discussed associated with implants is that it promotes healthy bone growth and can stop the effects from bone resorption (when bone fades away).

The implants will act as the new roots for your dentures and will securely anchor them in, allowing you to eat without having to worry about them falling out.

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