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Why Should You Clean Your Dentures?

When it comes to dentures, it is vital that you understand the importance of carrying on a healthy oral hygiene routine. What this means is, just like when you had your natural teeth, you need to carry on cleaning your false teeth.

The way to look at it, when we lose teeth one of the main contributing factors can be linked to poor oral hygiene which allows bacteria and plaque to build up. Bacteria can build up on our false teeth and cause damage over a period of time.

How quick the damage occurs will vary from one person to the next. Even though our dentures may look clean on the surfaces, tiny bacteria particles can build up and attack the dentures. This bacteria can also cause bad breath and does also mean your mouth could be in contact with bacteria on a regular basis if not cleaned properly.

A simple scrub or even a more thorough clean may not reach the small crevices or hard to reach places of the denture. It is recommended that overnight you leave your dentures in a cleaning solution which will help to reduce the bacteria dramatically.

Most pharmacy’s or even supermarkets sell different denture cleaners that can provide effective cleaning.

It is also worth noting that as we get older we tend to produce less saliva. This means that older patients dentures will have less contact with saliva and could potentially have more bacteria (as saliva can help clean dentures).

If you are unsure of the best practices for keeping your dentures clean, please do not hesitate to call us for advice.

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