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Can I Sleep With Dentures?

We recommend that at night time you do not sleep with your dentures in. This is because it is important to allow your gums a bit of breathing space and to benefit from the natural antibacterial agents in saliva. Custom made dentures have been made specifically for your mouths but they will still be considered a foreign body to your mouths. Technology and techniques are constantly improving in the dental field, but they will never be as good as your natural teeth.

When you don’t have your dentures in it is very important to keep them moist. If the dentures dry out they can crack and break, and depending on the break, they may not always be repairable. We advise that you keep them in a glass of water so they are not allowed to dry out.

By not wearing your dentures 24 seven, it will mean that you don’t suffer from bone resorption as quick. Bone resorption is the process of when the bone in your jaw recedes over time. This is caused by the fact you have no natural teeth, and also because you have dentures sitting on top of the bones. So it is very important you allow your mouth some breathing space.

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