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How Do Dentures Stay In?

Dentures are used to replace your teeth partially or in the most severe cases fully. There is often a negative stigma associated with having false teeth and that is down to how they are fitted and stay in place.

To get a well fitted and comfortable denture, the denture needs to be carefully made to fit your mouth exactly. The more precise and close fitting a denture, the better connection it will make with the gum ridges and will stay in place better.

When a patient complains of a denture that feels loose or falls out on occasion, it can often be linked with how well the denture is sitting on the bone ridges.

If you are looking for a more secure and permanent way to hold your dentures in place then implants may be a route you would like to go down. We work closely with dentists who are able to place the implants. Once the implants have been successfully placed we are able to custom make your dentures to fit securely on top of the implants. The implants will then act as the new roots of your teeth and hold them in place (similar to how natural teeth work).

If you have some remaining teeth left and you are looking for a partial denture, depending on the locations of your remaining teeth you may need be able to use precision attachments to help secure your denture in place. These attachments adds that extra bit of stability.

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