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How Does A Denture Stay In Place?

When you first get your dentures you may be wondering how they will stay in place. When you have no teeth and need a full set to replace your teeth, your denture will be custom made to sit on the gums and bone ridges.

At first this may not sound the most secure option. How this works is due to the natural saliva our mouths produce. This will create suction between the gum ridges and the dentures to hold them in place. It is very important that you have dentures made specifically for your mouth. Everyone is different and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to our mouths.

A slight fraction or percentage out, the denture will not sit right and as a result can rub and cause discomfort and even sores. All of our dentures are custom made and there isn’t one size fits all approach.

The more precise and closer fitting denture, there will be better suction which will enable the denture to stay in place.

If you are considering a new denture but would like to go down a more secure and permanent route, then dental implants may be an option for you. We work closely with implant dentists who can place the implants. We will then make the dentures (overdenture) that will be securely fitted on top.

To find out more information on the options available to you, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

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