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What Are Dentures?

To answer the question simply, Dentures are custom made replacement teeth.

Why Would I Need Them?

If you have unfortunately lost multiple teeth or in the most severe cases all of your teeth, to regain the functionality of your natural teeth and also the aesthetics they bring, then you may be considering your options with dentures.

Our clinical dental technicians will see you for a free consultation so they can gain a good understanding on what your trying to achieve. Getting new dentures isn’t a simple case of picking the off the shelf, it is truly a personal experience for each and every individual patient we see.

Getting New Dentures Is Like Getting New Shoes

When choosing a nice new pair of shows, you will be trying them on in your size. However, you may sometimes find that certain shops have slightly different sizes and it wont always mean you have the same size. By wearing shoes that don’t quite fit you, they will be uncomfortable and will rub. Dentures are exactly the same in that respect. If they don’t quite fit, they will rub and be uncomfortable and they can even feel loose.

At each step of getting dentures, we will carefully adjust them to get the more precise and snug fit. At the final fit it can also be expected that we may need to make a few adjustments to get to the most comfortable stage.

To find out how we can help you, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

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