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Can I Wear My Dentures At Night?

You can wear your dentures to sleep in but it is recommended to leave them in a glass of water.

This is the recommended practice when it comes to dentures so your gums and bone are able to have a break and relax from the pressures of having false teeth in.

When they are not in your mouth, they need to be kept moist. By putting them in a glass of water the dentures will not dry out and break.

Just like your natural teeth, your false teeth also need to be cleaned daily. They will be exposed to bacteria during the day and this can build up. If the bacteria is left, you are effectively putting bacteria in your mouth every time your dentures are put in.

When washing your dentures please take care. They are delicate and being dropped in the wash basin can cause them to break. We do recommend placing a soft towel in the wash basin so if they are accidentally dropped, the towel will act as a safety net.

You can purchase special denture cleaner which can be bought from a variety of different high street shops and supermarkets.

We are always happy to offer the best advice and practices for looking after your dentures so you are able to get the most out of them.

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