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Do Dentures Rot?

In short, no, dentures will not rot like natural teeth do. If you have a partial denture and still some of your natural teeth, then these will still be susceptible to cavities caused by tooth decay.

It is still however important to treat your dentures with the same care you would with your natural teeth. So cleaning them on a regular basis is very important, because if you don’t clean them it could lead to potential problems such as: bad breath, gum disease etc. By having unclean dentures you could effectively be putting bacteria into your mouth which then leads to these sort of problems.

How Do I Clean Dentures

For safety it is important to put a soft towel into the wash basin before washing them. Dentures can be very slippy when wet and can easily be dropped. Dropping them into a hard sink can cause them to break. Using either warm water, toothpaste or special denture cleaner, you can carefully brush your dentures clean. Be careful not to brush to hard as that can also cause damage. You can buy special denture tablets for them to soak in. This can help to remove stains and bacteria as well.

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