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Do Dentures slip When Smiling?

Loosing your natural teeth is not a pleasant experience for anyone, at any age.

At Creating Smiles we are not only making you a set of highly customised dentures, but we are truly dedicated to making you smile again.

Its very easy to take our teeth for granted, and when you have your natural teeth, it may be hard to imagine what life would be like without them.

First thing that it affects will be the aesthetics. Its very hard to not notice when speaking to someone if they have missing teeth. As your teeth start to deteriorate and fall out, this will have a knock on effect on your confidence as you will become more aware of aesthetics and in the worse cases we have seen, stop you for enjoying an active social life. This can also affect your worklife as well, and working alongside co-workers and being in a customer facing role will also pose difficulties.

The second thing you start to notice is the loss of functionality. Enjoying your favorite food can start to become difficult, especially if a lot of chewing is required.

All of our dentures are custom made for you as an individual. There isn’t a one fit all approach to getting new teeth. Everyone is different and we will take accurate measurements of each patients mouth.

It is to be expected when getting dentures that there will be some adjustments required to get to the very comfortable and well fitted stage.

After you have your custom made dentures, you may be worried that they might start to slip when your smiling. One of the most important factors when it comes to dentures is to make sure that they are made for your mouth. By being custom made they are well fitted to your gum ridges and will in turn sit nicely. Smiling will not cause them to slip. As time goes by our mouths can change over time as when we lose teeth we suffer from bone resorption. To find out more information about the options we offer, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation.

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