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Food Is Getting Trapped In My Dentures

Food and eating will always be a big part of our lives for subsistence and also for enjoyment.

Eating with dentures may also throw a curve ball into the mix. If your not getting on with your current denture, whether that be struggling to eat your favorite foods or if food is starting to get stuck between your dentures and gums, it may be that the denture is too loose for you.

Over time it is natural for our mouths to change shape so a once well fitted dentures may start to feel loose and even uncomfortable. A simple reline may be possible to adjust the denture to the new measurements of your mouth. If a reline isn’t possible, then a new denture may be required.

With food particles getting stuck between the denture and your gums will depend on how well fitted the denture is as well. If there is any looseness, then food particles can become stuck. If you are noticing any discomfort or looseness with your dentures, we would advise you call us for advice.

We offer free consultations so we can asses your current needs and situation to determine what the best treatment options are available to you. We will always strive to make your current denture work well for you and getting a new denture will be the last resort. We understand buying a new denture is a financial commitment and if you don’t need a new denture, we won’t suggest that as an option.

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