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My Dentures Feel Too Big

If your denture is feeling too big or bulky, it may mean that it doesn’t quite fit your mouth. Dentures have always had a bit of a bad stigma associated with them as traditionally they were seen as bulky, not aesthetically pleasing and uncomfortable.

With modern dentistry this is now a thing of the past. We make all of our dentures to be unique and individual to the patient. When you get your new denture it is to be expected that it fits well, but during the initial embedding in period, there may be a few adjustments that need to be made.

If your worried your denture is too big and it feels very loose, then please do not hesitate to call us. An important question to ask is if the denture felt too big when you first had them. The reason being, if they did fit well then it may be because the changes in your mouth over time has caused the denture to feel like its not well fitted any more. When we have lost our teeth, the bodies natural response is for the gum/bone to fade away which can mean your once well fitted denture to feel loose, it could start rubbing, or even to feel too big for your mouth.

In some cases we can do what is known as a reline. This is when we reline the base of the denture to fit nicely on top of your gum line. This is not always possible and cannot repeatedly be done on the same denture as the material cannot withstand multiple relines.

In the worst case scenario and a new denture is required, we can discuss this in the free consultation.

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