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Can I Sleep In My Dentures

The dentures we make are all 100% custom made for your mouths, and as a rule of thumb, any custom made device will be comfortable as it fits perfectly.

Dentures have been designed to act as a set of replacement teeth and to give you the same functions as natural teeth would. However, false teeth will never be as good as your natural teeth because nothing will ever be as good as a natural tooth.

With advances in dentistry and in particular dentures we have come on in leaps and bounds. But at the end of they day, dentures will always be a foreign body compared to your natural teeth.

So, we go back to the original question of can you sleep in dentures? We always advise that at night time you do give your mouth a break and keep your dentures in a glass of water while you sleep. The reason why this is best practice when it comes to dentures is to give your mouth a break and a chance to breath and recover from the day. Custom made dentures are comfortable and will not rub as they are made for your mouths, but they are very similar to shoes. Shoes that fit you are comfortable but after a long day of wearing them and being on your feet, it feels good to give your feet a rest. Its also good to allow oxygen and saliva to freely pass over your gums.

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