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I’m Scared About Getting Dentures

If you need dentures but you are worried about what is involved, we always say don’t worry. Getting dentures is a very non-invasive process and will not be painful.

The worst part of the treatment will be at the initial stages when we take the primary impressions of your mouth. We use a silicon putty which you bite down on. This will set in your mouth and when we remove the impression it will be the shape of your mouth anatomy.

This impression is then used to make a custom made special tray that helps us to take a more accurate impression of your mouth. It is a strange sensation having a mouth impression but its not painful.

We understand patients with a strong gag reflex may find this part of the treatment process difficult, but we will always go at a pace that suits our patients needs.

Once the initials impressions are over, the worst part of the treatment will be over. It is expected with dentures that you may need a couple of adjustments to get the perfect fitting. This is completely natural as our mouths are very adaptive and our mouths do also change over time as well.

We will work with you to get that denture fitting well and to the point that you are very happy with your new smile. Getting a new denture is not just about getting the function back but also the aesthetic. We truly love to create smiles.

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