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My Dentures Are Hurting?

If you start to notice that your dentures are starting to hurt or cause gum irritations, then it may mean that you need what is known as a denture reline. This is when we take the base of the denture and reline it to fit your mouth more comfortably.

The reason why your once well fitted denture may start to feel a bit loose or uncomfortable is because our mouths can change over time. This is very common when you have lost your natural teeth as the bodies natural response is for the gums and bone to start to recede. How quick this occurs will vary from person to person.

So denture relines are very common to ensure you denture stays comfortable. As part of getting a new denture, we do always recommend regular denture check ups in the year so we can ensure that your dentures are fitting nicely and will not cause you any issues.

When gum irritation does occur, we always recommend taking the dentures out to allow your gums and mouth time to recover from the irritation. As a badly fitting denture can rub and cause more irritation. When you first leave with your dentures we will always ensure your dentures are fitted well and comfortable. It is expected that a slight adjustment may be required, but this is common as any custom made device for the body will require a level of adjustment. How quick you suffer from bone resorption will vary from patient to patient.

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