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When Should I See A Clinical Dental Technician

This is a very good question. Dental technicians and clinical dental technicians deal with all kinds of dentures. The main difference between the two technicians is the fact clinical dental technicians are able to see patients from start to finish for the whole denture treatment.

Do I Need To See My Dentist First

Yes and no. If you have any remaining teeth left and would like to have a partial denture, then you will need to see a dentist for them to check the health of your remaining teeth and they can then refer you over to the care of our clinical dental technicians. If you have no teeth left, you are able to come and see us direct.

What Is The Treatment Process

When you first come to see us we will offer a free consultation to asses your case and discuss what your suitable options are. If you are looking for implant retained dentures we work with local dentists who can place the implants and we will fit the dentures. Clinical dental technicians are able to see the patient they are making the denture for and at every step of the way they will be the main provider for the denture.

Dental technicians will only make the dentures for patients that the dentist has sent over the impressions to and will not actually meet the patient.

This what makes clinical dental technicians so special as meeting the patient gives them a huge advantage of ensuring the denture they are making will look natural and compliment the patient in every way.

To find out how we can help you, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

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