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How To Get Dentures?

If you think you need dentures or a dentist has discussed with you the option of dentures, then you may be ready to start your journey towards a new smile.

If you have no natural teeth left, we can book you straight in for a free consultation. If you have any remaining teeth left, your dentist will need to prescribe you over to our care once you have had your remaining teeth assessed (we are unable to see you until a dentist has checked your remaining teeth).

The first step will be to discuss with you what you are looking for and what options are suitable for you. This can be done in a free consultation. All of our dentures are custom made by our skilled technicians. We have clinical technicians which are able to see you from your very first appointment to the actual fitting of your dentures. So the person making your dentures will see you at every step of your journey.

We believe strongly in natural smiles and strive to get a smile to suit your personality e.g. a younger person with younger looking teeth etc. We like to include you as the patient in the design process so you can get the smile you really want.

We take a couple of careful impressions to get your mouth measurements that starts the journey. From these impressions we will make a mock up of the dentures for the try stage. From start to finish it can be expected that about 5 appointments will be required. It is very common for adjustments to be made to your dentures at each step to ensure that when you leave you have the perfect smile which is functional and comfortable.

For more information, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

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