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Can You Get Dentures While Pregnant?

So your pregnant and you may need to get dentures. The first question you will probably have, is it possible to get dentures?

If you have your remaining teeth left and its a partial denture you are after, you will need to have your teeth checked over by a dentist to ensure there are no other problems. One of the by products of pregnancy can be gum disease which is down to the hormonal changes you will be going through. If you have the all clear, you can then be referred on to our clinical dental technicians.

Getting Dentures Process

Depending what stage of your pregnancy you are at, you may not be able to recline in the chair to have your impressions taken. If you are able to, we will take primary impressions of your mouths which will be used to make the special trays. These special trays then help us to take even more accurate impressions at the secondary impressions appointment.

We are then able to make a mock up of your denture for the try in stage. Because they are custom made appliances it is expected that you may require a level of adjustment to get to the comfortable and functional stage.

During the whole process you will be part of the decision making process to ensure you get the denture that you desire.

At the final fit it can also be expected that you may need to further make adjustments – this is very common and we always work with our patients closely to get the best results.

To find out about the options available to you, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

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