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Can Dentures Be Adjusted?

Yes and it is expected that dentures will need a certain level of adjustments to get the perfect fit for you. We take accurate primary and secondary impressions of your mouths but there is an element of adaptive-ness of how your mouths settle down with your new dentures.

If your not 100% happy with how your new dentures feel, we advise you to pop back in so we can look at your dentures to see what improvements can be made. You may find that it is just rubbing ever so slightly and we will be able to see what exactly needs to be done. The adjustments are all included in the treatment plan to get you where you want to be.

Will My Dentures Always Fit Perfectly?

Unfortunately when we lose our teeth we suffer from what is known as bone resorption. This is when the bone fades away from the areas of no natural teeth. How quick this can occur will vary from patient to patient as it can happen at different speeds. What this means for your dentures is over time you may find that they start to feel loose and not as comfortable. A simple reline may be required or in the more severe circumstances, a new denture may be required. Some bases of dentures are more difficult to reline than others but when you first get your dentures we will go through all the suitable options for you.

If you are looking for a more permanent way to replace your missing teeth, then dental implants may be suitable for you. We work with local implant dentists to achieve this.

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