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Can I Sleep With My Dentures In?

You can sleep with your dentures in but we strongly recommend that you gives your gums a rest each night and that you store them in a glass of water.

Modern day dentures are very good and efficient at replacing missing teeth and the more precise a fit, the better experience you will have. But at the end of the day, a custom made appliance such as a denture, will always be considered as a foreign body. Because of this, we do recommend at night time your gums are allowed to rest from your denture.

Its very important that you don’t allow your dentures to dry out. Dentures need to be kept moist and during the day this is achieved through your saliva. We recommend a glass of water to put your teeth in to stop them from breaking. As dentures dry out, cracks can appear and they can eventually break.

If your dentures do start to show signs of damage, we advise to immediately store them in water and bring them in for us to look at them. The quicker we are able to see them, it is more likely we are able to do a no hassle repair. Never use glue on your dentures as this can make them much worse and does increase the chances that you may need a completely new set of dentures.

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