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Complete Denture Stabilisation Services Birmingham

We custom make all of our dentures so they are made to fit your mouths perfectly. It is expected with all dentures that there will be a level of adjustment after you initially have them. This is because our mouths are adaptive and getting used to your new dentures will take some time. You may feel that they are slightly catching your gums which causes irritations. We can adjust them so this doesn’t happen. By making them a more precise and comfortable fit, will enable them to stay in place better as well. Over time our mouths can change which means our once well fitted dentures may start to feel loose and not as secure. This is down to bone resorption, and is a common side affect of having missing teeth.

If you would like to have a more secure option, we can discuss various denture stabilisation techniques. The most secure way to do so is through the use of dental implants. This is when a dentist will place the implants into your jaw and we would then secure the denture on top. We work with local implant dentists so you get the best possible care.

Dental implants will act like the new roots of your teeth. Because they are placed into the jaw bone they will also promote healthy bone growth so it helps to stabilise your jaw. This is considered the gold standard way in tooth replacement and your implants dentist will be able to asses if you are suitable to have implants.

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