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Denture Makers Near Me

Look no further, we are a local and professional denture clinic based in the Birmingham area.

We are on the robin hood island and we are close to the major motorway network (M42), and are easily accessible from Solihull, Shirley and Hall Green.

All of our dentures are custom made for our patients. We do not believe in one size fits all and will take careful measurements at each stage so you end up with your ideal denture.

We offer free consultations so we can discuss your current situation and where you want to get to. If you have any of your natural teeth left, a dentist will need to prescribe you over to our care (we can help you with this part). If you are looking for a completely new set of teeth, we can see you from the get go (due to the regulations surrounding natural teeth and clinical dental technicians).

Our clinical dental technicians are able to see you from the initial appointment and will also be the ones to make your denture. They will then see you at every step, so you can rest assured that the person you saw is working hard away on creating your customised denture.

The benefit of seeing the same person from start to finish is that they will get to know you as a person, and will truly be able to capture that in the final product. Making dentures is an art form and requires skill and finesse. Every person we see is different and whats right for one person will not be for the next.

We have a passion at replacing your missing teeth. Call us today to book your free consultation

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