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How To Glue Dentures Back Together

In short, do not glue your dentures back together. Glue can cause permanent damage to your denture and it may not be possible to carry out a repair. We recommend collecting the pieces of your broken denture and storing them in a moist place, such as a glass of water. The water will stop your dentures from drying out can help keep them safe till we are able to see you.

Fast Denture Repairs

At our clinic we are able to carry out fast denture repairs which can often be completed within the hour (while you wait or you can go shopping and come back to us). We will always try to save your dentures in the first instance but will give you advice and recommendations if we are unable to. If the denture has broken into two pieces, then it will be a simple repair. But if they have shattered into many pieces then it may not be possible to repair and a new denture will be recommended.

Free Denture Consultations

If you do need a new denture, we will be happy to see you for a free consultation where we will discuss with you your needs and to identify what options will be suitable for you. We are able to make dentures out of different materials and depending on your exact situation we may recommend a particular type of denture.

If you have any denture related questions, please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today.

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