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How To Make Fake Teeth Look Real

There has always been a negative stigma associated with dentures on how they look and function. Luckily with modern advances in the dental field, we are able to utilise the latest techniques and high quality materials to ensure natural looking teeth that also function as if they were your teeth. It is important to understand that when getting dentures, your body will take some time to get used to having a foreign body sitting on your gums.It is to be expected that there will also be a degree of adjustment to get your denture to the perfect stage of sitting comfortable. We take a number of precise impressions during the process but our mouths are very adaptive and will react to having a denture fitted in our mouths. Even though its a vary gradual movement, it will mean that the denture needs to be adjusted so it doesn’t catch a sensitive part of the mouth.

Creating Smiles Is An Art

Clinical dental technicians have to be very creative and artistic to make beautiful smiles. It requires a keen eye and someone with a design flair to make a truly beautiful smile that also appears natural. We believe in natural smiles so other people won’t notice you are in fact wearing dentures. We understand it can be an embarrassing time when you have to have dentures, and it can have an affect on your social and work life. This is why the free consultation is a two way process where we listen to what you want to achieve and we work closely with you to realise your dreams. Call us today to book your free consultation and discuss all of your teeth replacement needs.

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