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Where To Get Your Dentures Repaired In Solihull

Our denture clinic is located in Hall Green which is just down the road from Solihull. We are able to offer a fast turnaround with your denture repairs (often within the hour).

What Type of Breaks Can Be Repaired?

Unfortunately not all dentures will be repairable. The most common type of break is when a denture snaps in two, or there is a hairline fracture (and it looks like its going to snap). This is a fairly straight forward fix and can be turned around within the hour. This type of break normally occurs when a patient is cleaning their denture and it is dropped into the hard sink basin which causes it to snap in two. We always recommend for safety to put a soft towel into your sink when cleaning your dentures so if they are dropped it can soften the fall.

What Dentures Can’t Be Repaired?

If the denture has broken into many different pieces then it will not be possible to repair. Likewise, if you have had a denture for many years and have had previous repairs, it may get to the stage that it is not repairable. Overtime dentures will naturally be weaker than when they were first made and depending how they have been looked after over the years, how long they will last will vary.

How To Store Broken Dentures

In the first instance, put your broken dentures into a glass of water to ensure they stay moist. This is so they don’t dry out and to reduce any further damage happening to your dentures. Please bring your dentures to us in this water. (Do not use glue as this can cause permanent damage).

Free Consultations

If your denture was not savable we offer free consultations to discuss the types of dentures that will be suitable for you. Please do not hesitate to call us and book your free consultation today or book in your denture repair.

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