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Can You Whiten Dentures?


Can You Whiten Dentures? Overtime it is natural for our dentures to start to look a bit more old and dull. How quick this happens will depend on how thorough you clean your dentures on a daily basis. Here are a couple of tips you can try to get your denture looking spic [...]

Can You Whiten Dentures?2020-05-03T14:37:39+00:00

Where To Get Your Denture Repaired in Solihull


Where To Get Your Dentures Repaired In Solihull Our denture clinic is located in Hall Green which is just down the road from Solihull. We are able to offer a fast turnaround with your denture repairs (often within the hour). What Type of Breaks Can Be Repaired? Unfortunately not all dentures will be [...]

Where To Get Your Denture Repaired in Solihull2020-05-03T14:37:49+00:00

How To Make Fake Teeth Look Real


How To Make Fake Teeth Look Real There has always been a negative stigma associated with dentures on how they look and function. Luckily with modern advances in the dental field, we are able to utilise the latest techniques and high quality materials to ensure natural looking teeth that also function as [...]

How To Make Fake Teeth Look Real2020-03-17T15:30:09+00:00

How To Glue Dentures Back Together


How To Glue Dentures Back Together In short, do not glue your dentures back together. Glue can cause permanent damage to your denture and it may not be possible to carry out a repair. We recommend collecting the pieces of your broken denture and storing them in a moist place, such [...]

How To Glue Dentures Back Together2021-04-12T07:17:00+00:00

Free Denture Consultation


Free Denture Consultation So you have landed on our website. Thank you for finding us and taking the time to read. We are a local denture clinic that creates new smiles for our patients. We understand that getting a new denture or even your first denture can be a big step and [...]

Free Denture Consultation2020-03-17T15:43:26+00:00
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