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Can Dentures Be Adjusted?


Can Dentures Be Adjusted? Yes and it is expected that dentures will need a certain level of adjustments to get the perfect fit for you. We take accurate primary and secondary impressions of your mouths but there is an element of adaptive-ness of how your mouths settle down with your new dentures. [...]

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Can I Sleep With My Dentures In?


Can I Sleep With My Dentures In? You can sleep with your dentures in but we strongly recommend that you gives your gums a rest each night and that you store them in a glass of water. Modern day dentures are very good and efficient at replacing missing teeth and the more [...]

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Best Way To Keep Dentures In


Best Way To Keep Dentures In When you are thinking about replacing your missing teeth, one of the most common questions that tend to pop up is how will they stay in place? and what is the best options. Dentures are traditionally held in place by using the suction of your gums [...]

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Best Dentures Money Can Buy


Best Dentures Money Can Buy When talking about dentures and money, its not always the most expensive option that will be the best dentures that you can buy. The best denture for you will be a completely tailored treatment to match your individual needs. Every patient we see is different and there [...]

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My Dentures Are Too Big


My Dentures Are Too Big So you have dentures but they don't quite feel right. It may be that they are too big for your mouth and as a result, are not fitting correctly. It is very important to have well fitted dentures as they will feel more comfortable and also will [...]

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