Are My Dentures Failing?


Do your dentures feel loose? Are your gums sore? Have you noticed it is affecting your daily life with tasks such as eating and talking. If you answer yes to all of the above questions, your dentures may be failing and you may require a new set. It is common to expect over a period [...]

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How Will Dental Implants Stabilise My Teeth?


If you have lost your teeth and are looking for a more stable and secure option, then implant retained dentures may be ideal for you. We are able to custom make dentures for your mouth that are then used to be held in place securely by dental implants. We work with local implant dentists who [...]

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Best Way To Keep Dentures In Place?


If you have Dentures and your not 100% happy with the stability or security of them, you may be considering other alternatives. One such way is through implant retained dentures. These are most commonly known as "Overdentures". Dentures are traditionally a removable way to replace missing teeth. One of the most modern and exciting ways [...]

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What Are Implant Retained Dentures?


Implant retained dentures are a way to securely replace missing teeth. The dentures are made to fit on top of the implants that the dentist has placed. We work closely with an implant dentist who will safely and carefully place the implants into your jawbone. Why Have Implants? If you have lost your teeth and [...]

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Best Ways To Keep Dentures In Place


Getting a denture can be a big decision to make. Deciding on what type of denture you want, and what type of material is used, and how the denture is fitted. The most common ways to fit a denture is when they are held in place by being a snug and comfortable fit on your [...]

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