What Are Dentures?

Dentures, also known as “false teeth”, are a great way to replace multiple missing teeth to full sets of upper and lower arches of teeth. Missing teeth not only effect the way you talk and eat, but they can also be unaesthetically appealing which can effect your confidence in any social occasion or interaction.

Are Dentures Comfortable?

All of the dentures we make are custom made to fit the patients exact measurements. This means they are very comfortable and fit the patients mouth very well. As patients mouths change over time, dentures can start to feel loose and become ill-fitting. All this normally requires is a quick adjustment/relining visit where we will take your dentures and make them fit your measurements, for a comfortable fit once again.

Which Denture Would Be My Best Option?

There are many different scenarios that can lead you to requiring a denture. We offer a comprehensive list of denture treatments to meet a wide variety of needs:

We offer free consultations so we can asses your case individually and offer you the most suitable treatment to meet your needs.

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