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What Are Chrome Dentures?

Chrome Cobalt are a superior partial denture which uses a metal base and a plastic acrylic to attach the denture teeth. This is a partial denture that will sit around your natural teeth.

How Are Chrome Dentures Stable?

Partial dentures uses clasps and precision attachments that can be used to stabilse the partial denture using the remaining natural teeth. They can either be a fixed or removable option depending on the patients needs.

Advantages of Chrome Dentures

  • Easy to adapt and very comfortable
  • Good retention (grip)
  • Hygienic & easy to clean
  • Very precise & snug fit
  • Optional precision attachments
  • Very strong
  • Precision clasps can be tightened

Disadvantages of Chrome Dentures

  • Can be more expensive that other denture types initially
  • Changes are harder to achieve than other dentures
  • Problems with natural teeth can affect the fit

Are Chrome Dentures Suitable For Me?

Which denture is best for you can vary on your situation. We find these could be ideal:

  • Natural teeth with a good prognosis (healthy)
  • Patients who have a gag reflex
  • Better for lower jaws

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