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What Are Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are a way of completely replacing a full set of either lower or upper teeth, or even both sets of teeth.

Unfortunately this happens to be for the most severe cases when fulls sets of teeth have been lost or are currently failing and are due to be taken out by a dentist.

How Are Complete Dentures Secured?

Our complete dentures are custom made for an exact, comfortable, snug fit connection on the patients gum bone ridges in the mouth. By creating 100% custom made dentures that fit the exact measurements of a patients mouth, a suction is created between the ridges of the gums and the denture which holds them in place.

This method of having complete dentures are removable so the patient is able to take them out for cleaning and whilst they are sleeping. For patients who would prefer a fixed option, there is the route of going down implant retained dentures.

What Are The Advantages Of Complete Dentures

Like all treatments we offer, some may be more suitable than others. Complete Dentures can help patients:

  • Aesthetics – This is one of the main benefits of having a denture in. Your looks will be restored and the dentures will also act as supports to the cheeks and lips to give you a natural fuller youthful look
  • Chewing Ability (Mastification) – is greatly improved by replacing areas with no teeth (edentulous) with dentures
  • Pronunciation – losing teeth can affect your speech (especially missing anterior teeth – canines/incisors at the front of the mouth). Dentures can enable you to speak normally again
  • Self-esteem – Replacing missing teeth can really help lift your confidence as you can resume every day life with eating and social interaction

Free Denture Assessments

If you are looking into which denture treatment will be the most suitable option for you, call us today to book your free denture assessments so we can examine your case and explain how we can meet your needs.

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