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What Are Denture Repairs?

Unfortunately denture breakages can occur due to wear or tear or even through accidents. In some instances we will be able to take your denture and repair them back to their former State.

If the break is un-repairable we will notify you and provide you with other options to replace your old denture. Common types of repairs that can be easily repaired are when the denture has snapped into two pieces that go nicely together – this is commonly seen when a patient is cleaning their denture and dropped it into the hard sink.

Quick Turn Arounds

We understand that being without teeth is an unacceptable scenario for you. We are able to do repairs in 1 hours while you wait at our clinic (if you desire). If the denture is not reparable we will do a temporary solution in the meantime until we can sort out a permanent solution for you.

Not all repairs can happen within the hour and it will depend on how severe the break is. We will try to advise you over the phone how long it will take to repair your denture.

Do not try to glue your dentures as this can cause permanent damage and you may require a completely new denture. When a break occurs it is very important you try and keep your dentures moist. This is because if dentures dry out then more damage can occur. We recommend putting all the pieces in a glass of water until you can bring them into our clinic. Call us today to book your denture repair.

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