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New Patients Welcome

Patient Process – Free Consultation

For our new patients we offer a free consultation so we can asses their needs and offer the most suitable treatments to meet their needs.

The consultation will be broken down into a few stages:

  • Meet and Greet – Meet the denture technicians who make the dentures
  • Medical History – So we can ensure all treatment we offer is in line with your medical history
  • Your Denture Problems – Tell us what problems you’re currently having
  • What Do You Want With a Denture – We will note down your needs

The above consultation will all take place in a non-clinical environment, which we find the nervous patients especially like, and will act as a stepping stone to the clinical examination.


Clinical Examinations

The following part of the consultation will take part in one of our surgeries so we can asses a number of things:

  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorder Check (TMJ) – To see if there are any problems with the joint
  • Jaw Muscle Check
  • Lymph Node Check
  • Salivary Glands Check
  • Current Denture Assessment – To see what problems your old denture was having
  • Soft Tissues Assessment
  • Diagnosis – We will tell you what our findings are and what this affects/means
  • Treatment Plan – We will propose what treatment we recommend
  • Treatment Offered Explanation – We will explain in detail all about the treatment we offer
  • Questions & Answers – We will happily answer any questions you may have

After the free consultation you will be able to go home and think about whether you are happy with the proposed treatment plan and if you would like to proceed.

Proceeding With Treatment

Once you are happy with the treatment we proposed at the consultation, we will be able to book you for your first appointment:

  • 1st Impressions – used to make a bespoke impression tray for 2nd impressions
  • 2nd Impressions – increases the accuracy for a better fitting end product
  • Jaw Reg – gives us the position the top and bottom jaws should meet together
  • Denture Wax Try in – used to further refine the accuracy & stability of the final denture
  • Denture Fit
  • Review Appointment

Book Your Free Consultation Today

If you are interested in dentures and would like to begin the process of exploring your options, call us today to book your free consultation.

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