High Quality Dentures

We are not just dedicated at offering teeth replacement options to our patients, we want to offer high quality dentures that are truly a work of art, that takes the extra care and attention to really create the perfect smile. We are passionate denture technicians that create bespoke dentures to our patients exact measurements.

Our patients needs are always at the forefronts of our mind when we are crafting their dentures. A more precise and snug fit, leads to a comfortable and more functional denture that will act like the patients normal teeth – and a patients denture will only ever be finished once everybody is completely happy with the denture!

When you join our clinic as a patient, you can expect to receive the very best in care, service and attention to detail!

No Obligation Free Consultations

We offer these free consultations because:

  • We understand that to create the perfect smile it takes time to understand all the problems you are having – and we don’t want to charge you in case you don’t decide to go ahead
  • Fees can’t be given until we have seen you because there can be a number of different factors going on in your mouth that affect the price – and we would hate to under/over quote you over the phone
  • The consultation is the perfect platform to answer all of your questions you may have
  • We might need to refer you to a dentist before we can begin treatment (to ensure your dentally fit/stable)
  • We will explore your previous dental history
  • If you haven’t had dentures before we can explore these options and if you need a new denture we can asses new options as well
  • We will all take the time to understand your exact needs and will happily explain all the various options available to you
  • Our free consultation is geared to helping you make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed

Meeting Your Needs

At Creating Smiles we offer an extensive range of treatment options to suit our patients different needs and budgets. Our options does include a variety of materials that can be used for different needs, at different costs. All options we do offer will always be completed to the highest of our abilities so the option you decide to go ahead with, will always be done at the highest quality possible.

We understand getting a new denture can be a significant decision to make and we will be there to help you go along this journey as smoothly as possible. There will be no pressure on you to proceed with treatment and we can go as slowly as you would like.

Our prices are reflected by a number of different factors that are associated with making dentures. Once we have seen you for a free consultation we will be able to offer you a treatment plan with the associated costs. There will be no pressure on going ahead with treatment so you can take the treatment plan away and digest all the information – we are always more than happy to answer any new questions that may pop up (or old questions if you are unsure about anything!)

Choosing The Denture That Is Right For You

There are many different options available, but not all of them will be ideal for your situation. Please do not hesitate to call us today and book your free consultation where we will explore all suitable options for you!

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